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RVK takes a holistic approach in providing design services to our clients and includes CONNECTION, PROCESS and CREATIVITY. This collaborative multi-studio design process fosters a free exchange of ideas between groups of seasoned design professionals and our clients. This free-flow of shared knowledge ensures you are empowered and involved throughout the project.

Design Philosophy

Our desire to create a long term relationship with you starts with making a CONNECTION and understanding your goals. It’s working with you through the PROCESS of programming, design and construction. It’s earning your trust and sharing our knowledge. It’s relying on our CREATIVITY to exceed your expectations, visions and goals. 

Through office collaboration, we balance our creativity with technical knowledge to encompass all aspects of design, detailing and code compliance that allows us to deliver a high performance solution. By designing within scope, we deliver high performance solutions that are efficient, sustainable and intelligent. Our multi-studio design approach allows us to provide holistic and regional solutions that are inherently creative and functional. Our focus is on earning and maintaining our clients' trust and loyalty and empowering them by sharing our knowledge and ideas of what we do and why we do it.


RVK is an environmentally conscious design firm, focused on sustainability. We are a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, 2030 Challenge, and the AIA 2030 Commitment. We currently have 13 LEED Accredited Professionals on staff to address sustainable design practices, energy conservation and other environmental practices. Our holistic approach takes advantage of exploring 'no cost' environmental and energy saving measures on every project through constant in-house research, 3D modeling, and energy modeling. These tools help to inform and direct you in the decision making process.